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Learning content references

Below you can find references for all of our learning content.

'I’m in HR: What can I do?'

Lesson 1: Upskilling your colleagues

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Lesson 2: Incentivising action

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Lesson 3: Leveraging pensions

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Lesson 4: Hiring tomorrow’s climate champions

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Lesson 5: Creating a green team

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Lesson 6: Dealing with Climate Anxiety

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'Where do I start? Learning about my organisation'
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'I'm in Product Procurement and Buying, what can I do?'

Lesson 1: Sourcing products sustainably

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Lesson 2: Decarbonising your product's value chain

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Lesson 3: Designing for circularity

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Lesson 4: Streamlining volume and turnaround times

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Lesson 5: Rethinking transport and logistics

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Lesson 6: Striving for gender equality in supply chains

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'I'm in Operations and Facilities, what can I do?'

Lesson 1: Laying the groundwork

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Lesson 2: Optimising energy use

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Lesson 3: Harnessing the food revolution

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Lesson 4: Rethinking transport

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Lesson 5: Retrofitting building stock

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