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Hurd is a new app designed to help you take climate action at work. Hold your employer accountable, join a community of similarly passionate people around the world, share your stories of positive impact, and learn how to make the most of work for a sustainable future.

We recognise that while changemakers in organisations are motivated to act, no individual can take transformative action alone. Without a roadmap and support, translating motivation into concrete action can be a daunting and unclear journey.

Hurd joins the dots with company-level ambition and your experiences at work, helping you make your job a climate job.

Rate your company on how it involves you in climate action - and what it can change.
Inspire and be inspired by sharing climate action success stories.
Join a community of like-minded people in other organisations.
Learn how you can make a difference in your role and industry.
Kite Insights

Hurd is brought to you by Kite Insights. Our decade of commitment to advancing climate action – making sense of the problems, sharing learning tools and connecting individuals to unlock collective action – has reinforced our belief that every job can and should be a climate job.

We believe companies can be part of the solution - if we challenge them to go faster and further. We believe that our collective ability to act is the ultimate positive tipping point, which every employee has the power to drive progress towards.

Hurd is the next step in our collective journey to help all of us demand more and do more on climate action at work. Now.

Our approach to Hurd is:

Blackboard with ticks and crosses on it

Rooted in science and academia

Magnifying glass

Informed by our partners’ diverse expertise


Inspired by the many practitioners leading climate action every day

The team behind Hurd

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping to prepare workforces for the green economy, so everyone can make thoughtful action on issues that matter.

Covering climate science, biodiversity, nature and society, we use research and storytelling to create cutting-edge content, learning and education programmes and events.

In 2021, we launched The Climate School, a curriculum developed to address the wide gaps in employee knowledge of climate and sustainability action.

Sophie Lambin

Sophie Lambin


Mike Fenna

Mike Fenna

Chief Technology Officer