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Welcome to Hurd!

Hurd • Nov 6, 2023 12:54:25 PM • Written by: Sophie Lambin

Dear friends,


I am Sophie Lambin, the founder of Hurd. I am thrilled to welcome you as the very first users of our revolutionary app, designed to help you demand more and do more on climate at work.


Sustainability has been my personal passion for many years now. From the moment I founded Kite Insights more than 10 years ago, it has been my mission to make a difference by helping individuals and organisations to understand and act upon issues that matter. Earlier this year, the urgency of addressing climate change inspired me to create Hurd. 


I believe strongly in the power of people stepping in to get things moving – people like you.


What makes this journey even more exciting is the incredible support and enthusiasm we're receiving from the Hurd community. Your belief in our vision has been the driving force behind Hurd's development, and I am sincerely grateful for your trust.


We are a small group of dedicated individuals, and through Hurd we hope to create a force of nature, bigger than the sum of our parts.


We will follow up with news and updates and will welcome any feedback. We have lots of plans, but we will be guided primarily by what you need.


Feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts (including whether you’d rather not receive these sorts of emails!), or you can connect with me directly on LinkedIn here.


Thank you for joining us in our pursuit of a more sustainable world through Hurd. We'll continue leading the charge for change, one hurdle at a time!


Warm regards,



Ready to demand more and do more on climate at work?

Sophie Lambin