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Be Hurd on climate

Are you motivated to take climate action at work, but unsure of your first step?

As the challenges of the climate crisis get rapidly closer to our everyday lives, finding opportunities to take meaningful action can be both exciting and overwhelming. Lifestyle changes can feel like a drop in the ocean, and having an impact on such a big challenge can seem beyond reach.

Does work feel like an opportunity to do more with your co-workers?

If so, you’re not alone. 83% of people want to take action on climate change in their jobsInspiring examples exist, trailblazing individuals have guidance to share, and powerful connections are waiting to be made.

This is where Hurd comes in.

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Hurd is a unique, free app that turns every job into an opportunity for climate action. Working with others for a more sustainable world can unlock your ability to have an impact, with powerful ripple effects!

Hurd gives you the opportunity to demand more and do more for a sustainable future. Join us!

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Demand more and do more on climate at work

Rate your company on how it involves you in climate action - and what it can change.
Inspire and be inspired by sharing climate action success stories.
Join a community of like-minded people in other organisations.
Learn how you can make a difference in your role and industry.